Sustainable Lifestyle and Khadi

Sustainable Lifestyle and Khadi

Natural fabrics are sustainable as they are bio degradable, non-polluting and good for our body too.

Red-Sister-BlueKhadi is the most sustainable, breathable, comfortable and dye-able fabric made in India.  Since they are hand spun and hand woven, the garments made from Khadi have the distinct advantage of being able to breathe. Unlike synthetic fibers like polyester, natural fibers like cotton decompose over time. Hand spun and hand woven, Khadi is a low carbon-footprint fabric, as it needs no electricity or any kind of fuel when it is created.

A simple comparison of numbers— A meter of Khadi uses 3 liters of water versus 55 liters for one meter in a mill. No water is used, wasted, or polluted while hand spinning and weaving Khadi. When discarded, Khadi decays gradually and vanishes unlike synthetic fabrics which never degrade and pile up as hazardous waste on our planet.

Khadi painlessly accomplishes what fashion brands vie hard for—sustainability.

Sustainable Fashionable Stylish


We have all been hearing about sustainable fashion. Going Eco-friendly when it comes to your clothes is the need of the hour. Our planet is one and if we cannot wait for someone else to save it. It has to start from each one of us.

Every time I speak about Red Sister Blue to people, they have their doubts about sustainable fashion. Questions like: how to start wearing sustainable clothes. What to buy and how much to spend.

So today, I will be answering all these questions so that it your wardrobe transition to sustainable fashion is easier and stylish.

  1. Invest in classics


If keeping up with all the trends that come and go is something that is not you. Here’s a hint: don’t. Trends, exciting as they may seem, are what keep you shopping and spending money on things you don’t need. Try sticking to the timeless, classic looks that have been a part of closets for the past several decades. This is how you will always be in style. Our khadi white square dress is a beautiful classic choice.


  1. Quality Over Quantity


As cliché and obvious as it sounds, but honestly, when was the last time you thought about the quality of the clothes you wear? Do you want a top that will have balls of lint, impossible to remove, after 1 or 2 washes? I am sure you don’t. Moreover, you deserve something made with love and care, don’t you think? Our khadi collection is made with love of all our artisans.


  1. Comfort Before Everything


I think comfort should be our priority when purchasing clothes. If you are comfortable, you feel good and if you feel good you look good. And let me tell you this, comfortable clothing can be fashionable too. So go all out when choosing the right outfit for your next day out. Our khadi products are so much comfy you won’t have to think twice.


  1. Experiment with Silhouette


If you are the kind of person who doesn’t really like experimenting with designs and colours then try other silhouettes than what you usually wear. Our new khadi collection is all about that.


  1. Sustainable doesn’t have to be Boring!


Yes, this is the most important thing to keep in mind. We have got you covered with our range of khadi tops, trousers, dresses, shirts and shrugs. So you can choose whatever you like without feeling like you have got no options when it comes to going eco friendly. You can choose from various colours like the colour of the season green or you can pick up different textures. This time around we have experimented with dual tone khadi and hand spun khadi denim.


We would love for you to try this out. Let us know in the comments below if this helped you in turning your wardrobe Eco-friendly.