Sustainable Lifestyle and Khadi

Sustainable Lifestyle and Khadi

Natural fabrics are sustainable as they are bio degradable, non-polluting and good for our body too.

Red-Sister-BlueKhadi is the most sustainable, breathable, comfortable and dye-able fabric made in India.  Since they are hand spun and hand woven, the garments made from Khadi have the distinct advantage of being able to breathe. Unlike synthetic fibers like polyester, natural fibers like cotton decompose over time. Hand spun and hand woven, Khadi is a low carbon-footprint fabric, as it needs no electricity or any kind of fuel when it is created.

A simple comparison of numbers— A meter of Khadi uses 3 liters of water versus 55 liters for one meter in a mill. No water is used, wasted, or polluted while hand spinning and weaving Khadi. When discarded, Khadi decays gradually and vanishes unlike synthetic fabrics which never degrade and pile up as hazardous waste on our planet.

Khadi painlessly accomplishes what fashion brands vie hard for—sustainability.

From Simple to Souped-Up!


Spring is here and so are we with our new styles and designs for your wardrobe in khadi. For spring / summer 2016, you can count on a simple yet striking wardrobe which takes a step up in the world of modern khadi. Look ahead to a fresh set of silhouettes, to plenty of luxurious khadi and a palette of pastel colours that’s trendy.

This summer, pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow dominate your wardrobe! Be it powder blue or peach, it is sure going to add freshness to your new look!
For instance, our button down peach khadi shirt dress is simple, comfortable, relaxed yet stylish! Our turquoise stripped khadi top is a perfect pick if you want to follow this trend and still look unique!


Striking, bright and stylish! Imagining it all? Now that’s what we are talking about. Various kinds of pleats have made it to the runway shows this season and that is why we at RSB have put out a few designs which you would love! Our boxy khadi dress in yellow is everything trendy and formal. The high-low khadi dress has knife pleats, is easy-breezy, smart and stylish. Opt for this dress on a Sunday brunch or may be for a day out on a shopping spree with your girlies!


Power dressing is the new feminine bold! But this doesn’t mean one can only thing about coats, blazers and suits. It is about the characteristics and silhouettes taken from the men’s dressing and then evolved to be used in a women’s outfit! Our shirts will give you the edgy chic look you always dreamed about!
Our limited edition check khadi shirt is the one you should go for, if you love this style of fashion! This tye and dye details on the collar and pockets makes it even more chic and modish! If you want to go for a minimalistic look then check out our long khadi shirts in four trending spring colors.


You can name any designers show this season and we can say that we saw at least one maxi style on the runway! Yes, this season the maxi dress style made it to the runway. We took some inspiration and came up with our own style of maxi dresses! For an uber chic look opt for our checkered maxi dress available in both blue and purple. You can also go for the other version of this style which is the long panelled khadi dress. They both are perfect for just about any occasion with just a little bit of styling!


Summer and shorts come hand in hand. We have a collection of shorts in pastel shades and scalloped hemline. You could also get your hands on our overlap khadi shorts if you want to try out a different and unique look.


This is the season when we all look for comfort in our clothing: relaxed fit and soothing colours are on our mind when shopping for summer. Our dhoti style pants are the answers to your tight-fitting bottoms. Go for a solid colour version or play a little printed khadi dhoti pants.
So go ahead, get your wardrobe ready for the spring/summer of 2016 by shopping online at!



An ode to Khadi – Trending Now!

An ode to Khadi – Trending Now!

Spun by a million hands, hand-woven in cotton, silk or wool, sumptuous to all the senses, elegant and durable, this is ‘Khadi’.
It inspired a generation of Indians with Mahatma Gandhi as its first true brand ambassador. In those times Khadi was more than a garment worn, it was a symbol rooted in the erstwhile fabric of the people. Distinctive and Revolutionary – all coming together with each indigenous weave of Khadi.
But Khadi is far older than this. The mighty Aryans during the  ancient Vedic times produced their own cloth. Khadi in fact is any cloth that is hand spun and / or hand woven. This art also captured the fancy of one of the most powerful Emperors of all times – Alexander The Great when he came to India in 327 BC. Since then many travelers who crossed the globe in search of trade were all enamored by Khadi and it soon became more than just a commodity with its value akin to Gold.
With the passage of time, Khadi took on a different turn; or rather it slipped away from being the clothing of choice in the 1940s to carrying becoming ‘politicians only’ clothing.
But there exists a band of people who live across small towns and big cities even now, the ones who are connected to tradition; the ones who swear by Khadi. And it is slowly steadily making it into mainstream fashion through designers like Rohit Bal and Malini Ramani who have started to use Khadi in the past few years.

According to enfant terrible of the Indian fashion scene Rohit Bal, Khadi is India’s answer to linen and he, along with other designers, are looking at a big and bright future for the fabric.

Woman weaving on handloom

Khadi is taking an international stage, as more and more people around the world are cottoning on to it (Pun intended)
It’s even been making a special appearance in Hollywood movies – Star Wars Trilogy used it in some of their costumes!  It has recently featured in both the New York and Berlin Fashion Weeks and any one with a sense of sustainability the world over has been incorporating this fabulous cloth in their designs/products
We here @ Red Sister Blue have been inspired in our own way to create a range of clothing that blend the expertise of this gorgeously comfortable Indian textile with classic Western designs.
The current collection on offer captures the essence of the modern Indian woman who lives in the big city, but is still connected to tradition.
We wanted to revive Khadi but we also wanted to empower women with the choice of contemporary fashion, fashion that unites us. To take a stand, to celebrate Sisterhood.
In a world which is increasingly fragmented, we at Red Sister Blue proudly proclaim our Independence and our renewed love affair with Khadi.