Natural fabrics are sustainable as they are bio degradable, non-polluting and good for our body too.

Red-Sister-BlueKhadi is the most sustainable, breathable, comfortable and dye-able fabric made in India.  Since they are hand spun and hand woven, the garments made from Khadi have the distinct advantage of being able to breathe. Unlike synthetic fibers like polyester, natural fibers like cotton decompose over time. Hand spun and hand woven, Khadi is a low carbon-footprint fabric, as it needs no electricity or any kind of fuel when it is created.

A simple comparison of numbers— A meter of Khadi uses 3 liters of water versus 55 liters for one meter in a mill. No water is used, wasted, or polluted while hand spinning and weaving Khadi. When discarded, Khadi decays gradually and vanishes unlike synthetic fabrics which never degrade and pile up as hazardous waste on our planet.

Khadi painlessly accomplishes what fashion brands vie hard for—sustainability.