‘Our Brand is all about Khadi and Women thus embodying the Spirit of Sisterhood in all its hues and colours. Being an Interactive and Conscious brand, we now bring to you a regular Q&A session with some very cool and dynamic women across various walks of life. From Bollywood, to Glam business, to Sports, Corporate and everything in between. Women who are independent, women who love Khadi and women who inspire.’

The dynamic Puja Agarwal – MD @ Pearl Events and Entertainment in a tete a tete with Team Red Sister Blue.

Conscious Fashion to you?
I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and confident. I don’t let fashion own me. This to me is ‘Conscious Fashion’

Your work does not feel like work because…
I enjoy my work and I have the liberty to take my decisions in my own way.

As MD for ‘Pearl Entertainment what are your challenges especially in a male dominated sphere when it comes to Celeb/Talent management in India?
Showing one’s value and worth is the best way to be treated better. Don’t complain. Just do it.
Typically, you have to stand your ground, and you have to be assertive and persistent to be able to set and establish your place in this competitive industry.
“It’s not so much about being ‘tough’ as it is about being focused, being direct, and staying firm in one’s position. And yes, it’s much harder to get away with this when you are younger, and you don’t have as much credibility. As you age, it gets much easier but you still can’t let your guard down.

What can be done to bring in more awareness for younger girls who aspire to make Glamor business their profession? (so that they are aware of the the Do’s & Don’ts)
DON’T: Get carried away with the glam factor.
DO: Wear that fits you perfectly, be bold and confident.
DON’T be afraid to break the “fashion rules.” Remember…rules are meant to be broken.
DON’T let fear get the best of your outfits. Fashion is supposed to be fun.
DO: wear bright colors and bold prints. Be daring! There’s nothing to be scared of.
DO wear whatever you want. You are a fashionista and true fashion is for those who wish to express themselves through their clothing.

What is that one thing in a day that you do for yourself- ? (can be health/beauty/lifestyle related)
I make sure that I spend some quality time with ‘myself’ despite my hectic schedules. I have learnt to take better care of myself now when I travel extensively.

I believe you are what you eat…
It’s definitely true! Food plays a very pivotal role in our spiritual growth, mental well being along with our physical health.

Your favorite style of dressing that acts as a pick up on those difficult days?
In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous. I wear a harem and a top with a pair of sneakers.

Timeless Beauty-Fashion Icon (Any woman who motivates or you look up to and why)?
Undoubtedly Rekhaji!! Because she knows how to carry herself in any era.

Unconventional beauty means…
Unconventional beauty means someone who is beautiful in their own way and is not a slave to the dictates of society’s definition of beauty.

Are you a high maintenance or low-maintenance Sister when it comes to grooming?
Low Maintenance.

Indian women and emancipation (What do you feel is the one crucial aspect that can be done?)…
Self-belief and self independent are the main aspects for not just Indian women but any woman anywhere.

How do you juggle busy work schedules and personal commitments?
I finish my work on time, everytime. So it doesn’t hamper my personal commitments and vice versa.

After a long 9-12 hour work day – I unwind…
Try to Do Something I Enjoy.

Khadi as fashionable clothing – what do you feel?
I find Khadi very fashionable and I feel comfortable when I wear Khadi.  Khadi has played an immense role in our country’s Independence. To me ‘Khadi’ stands for simplicity, not shoddiness.

How do you spread the Sisterhood Vibe in your daily life? (relating to other women)
Khadi is a way to say who you are without having to speak. I try to make sure that the women feel good about themselves and have fun with fashion.