As part of the Real World – Real Women series we present to you –
‘Deepthi Bopaiah- Marketing Director @ Go Sports Foundation (Bangalore), who oozes dynamism and passion for what she does.

One up for ‘Sisterhood’ as Deepthi spreads the vibe.

Conscious Fashion to you?
Being comfortable and wearing what suits and compliments my personality

Your work does not feel like work because…  
I completely believe in the saying by Confucius: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
I believe my team and me are putting professionalism, structure and positivity into Indian Sport and ensuring we create a legacy to create champions in the future.

As Marketing Director for ‘Go Sports Foundation’ what are your challenges especially in a male dominated sphere when it comes to sports in India?
I don’t think there are any specific challenges only because you are a woman. But yes, they are quite shocked when they see a woman who quit a high paying bank job talking passionately about our sport system in federation meetings.

What can be done at the grass root level for younger girls to take up Sports actively?
Sports should be compulsory and part of the curriculum in school and colleges and it should be mandatory that everybody plays a sport. Usually when the girl child is 9- 10 years they need to be encouraged by parents and school authorities to play sport rather than only excelling in Studies.

What is that one thing in a day that you do for yourself ?
I try to workout everyday – Maybe hit the gym 3 times a week or play a game of tennis.

I believe you are what you eat.
Yes, we are what we eat but I am not somebody who follows that. I am a total foodie and enjoy trying and tasting different cuisines.

Your favourite style of dressing that acts as a pick up on those difficult days?
I am comfortable wearing formal shirts and jeans or even kurtas on jeans.

Timeless Beauty-Fashion Icon?
I really like the way Princess Kate dresses for every occasion. She has an easy but classy style, which works, so well for her personality. In India I like how Sridevi has been keeping up with her style over the years and I also really like Deepika Padukone’s iconic look.

Unconventional Beauty means…
Not to be a high fashion runway model. Yet look and feel good to be yourself.

Are you a high maintenance or low-maintenance Sister when it comes to grooming?
I am somewhere in between both. I do believe the first thing people notice about an individual is what you wear and how you look hence it is important to wear the right outfit for the right occasion. I do like certain big brands but would also pick up something off a smaller store if I really like it.

Indian women and emancipation- What do you feel is the one crucial aspect that can be done?
I feel we should communicate through various media that it is absolutely fine for women to pamper themselves and spend money and time on themselves to feel and look good. Every woman whether a school/college student or homemaker or business woman needs to believe that they are individuals first and then a mother,wife, daughter in law…and all the various roles we play in our society.

How do you juggle busy work schedules and personal commitments?
I have extremely helpful and supportive family members and allow me to pursue my dreams and ambitions. Hence, I am able to manage both my commitments.

After a long 9-12 hour work day I…
Unwind!! I love watching TV and listening to old Hindi songs.

Khadi as fashionable clothing- what do you feel?
I used to always wonder why do I need to wear only Khadi kurtas. It’s so light and comfortable and the colors are gorgeous. Why can’t somebody make more formal/casual wearable stuff. I am glad that the need was identified and Red Sister Blue as a brand has brought this forth to Indian women.

How do you spread the Sisterhood Vibe in your daily life?
Post a six-year stint in banking where I was extremely comfortable and doing pretty well for myself, there came a point when I felt I was not learning anything new not really contributing and using my skill sets to the best of my ability. Having played sport in my childhood days, I always wanted to have a career in sports, so when this opportunity came along – though it was a difficult decision to make – I jumped into it. Having said that, once I have made that decision, my last two years have opened up so many new avenues and interests, which I could have never done and been part of, if I continued in the bank. Hence, I try and actively talk and encourage a lot of my girl friends and family to take up jobs where they truly feel like they are contributing and also get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for working hard, smart and sincerely.


Deepthi Bopaiah

Deepthi Bopaiah