Statistics vary, but research tells us that most women consider themselves to be fashion forward or fashion conscious to some extent.  But what’s the real meaning of these frequently used terms and what’s the difference between the two?

We’re all very well aware of the word ‘fashionable’: Keeping up to date with new trends, perhaps even being a trend-setter as some of us like to see ourselves. Money of course plays a big part, or does it?  Some people shop for bargains, make their own outfits and/or revamp old ones whilst others simply work hard and earn the money themselves or are supported by their father/boyfriend/husband.

In Europe Charity shops have become increasingly popular for second hand stuff; this goes hand-in-hand with the vintage/retro trend, (but more on that another day.)  Some like to frequent the fashion capitals of the world: London – Paris – Milan.

Ultimately our interpretation of the word is all relative and very personal.

But hang on! What about the new breed of Sisters out there who are not only Fashion Conscious but also ‘Fashionably Conscious’?  The sisters who know how to walk the talk, who live ‘ordinary’ lives extraordinarily well and who are clued in when it comes to what brand they choose to wear and propagate. Conscious Consumerism, one could say. Wearing labels that support the work of local artisans from across the globe – be it clothes, shoes, the bags, your home décor etc.

Taking joy in the responsibility of choice.  Choice of not only what one wears/buys/eats/, but where it’s sourced from and the whole ethical process that goes into bringing it to your door.

Being the woman who understands about balance, effortlessly switching from mother, partner/wife, daughter, sister and friend, without losing herself in the process.

Being open to the world’s views and yet staying aware of the cultural roots that make up the fabric of global societies.

Being aware at all times, and yet embodying the free-spirited woman who makes a difference wherever she goes.

For all you sisters out there wishing to be fashionably conscious you have landed at the right place!

As for those of you that are already there, we salute you all the way.

The good news is that nowadays you don’t have to make a choice between fashion conscious and fashionably conscious, you can be both!  Here at Red Sister Blue, you could say this is our vision that we share with you with the clothes we make and the design sensibility that goes into them. To strengthen the Sisterhood connection by being “Fashionably Conscious”.