Up in the north, away from the big city civilization, you might want to get connected to the civil life. So I thought I would share some of my experiences. At the time of my travel to the Himalayas I reached out to many people, who grabbed my attention. While visiting my friend Sumit in Dehradun the word “Rurban”, which he used constantly, struck to me. It’s not a new word, it was used many decades ago; he described it as mix of rural and urban. People who have skills for a rural life, but aspirations for an urban one are in this category and we call it a process of “Rurbanization”. The major developed countries have gone through it and India is going through it right now. Sumit at Tanjun Associates leads the programs, which provide the “Rurban” to get the best of both worlds. This LSTR (livelihood skills, training and research center) is run by him and his team in Saharanpur. There wasn’t any electricity supply as such, it was run on solar energy and it’s actually good to see that they have a very unique idea of building houses from combining bamboo and concrete. I actually stayed in one of those during my visit, it looked very antique and rustic from outside because of the bamboo wall which had concrete inside and having all modern amenities. It’s stylish and durable too. Another thing caught my eyes was a wooden hand loom, it was difficult for me to even balance all the pedals in one stroke. The House rests in the middle of mango and guava trees and creates a very peaceful place.
You have to come and visit this fantastic place,