Sustainable Lifestyle and Khadi

Sustainable Lifestyle and Khadi

Natural fabrics are sustainable as they are bio degradable, non-polluting and good for our body too.

Red-Sister-BlueKhadi is the most sustainable, breathable, comfortable and dye-able fabric made in India.  Since they are hand spun and hand woven, the garments made from Khadi have the distinct advantage of being able to breathe. Unlike synthetic fibers like polyester, natural fibers like cotton decompose over time. Hand spun and hand woven, Khadi is a low carbon-footprint fabric, as it needs no electricity or any kind of fuel when it is created.

A simple comparison of numbers— A meter of Khadi uses 3 liters of water versus 55 liters for one meter in a mill. No water is used, wasted, or polluted while hand spinning and weaving Khadi. When discarded, Khadi decays gradually and vanishes unlike synthetic fabrics which never degrade and pile up as hazardous waste on our planet.

Khadi painlessly accomplishes what fashion brands vie hard for—sustainability.

Top trends from the runway for 2018


This year 2018 fashion will change from minimalism to OTT styling and good old-fashioned glamour. Though there is a renewed focus on wear-ability. There are many trends that are going to stay from the previous seasons, while embracing pretty powerful 80s power – over the top.

No surprise here, but athleisure with the perfect mix of street style, hi-tech material and sophistication of couture continues to play a pivot role in our wardrobe. Sportswear pieces and fabrics made appearances on the runway in full looks or alongside skirts and silk dresses for a new take on athleisure.

Woven handlooms
Woven handlooms are clearly the fabric of the future – sustainable fashion topping the agenda of most designers today. Handlooms found an easy expression in the spring summer lines of Indian designer like Rajesh Pratap Singh, Abraham and Thakore and Payal Pratap.


Pastel Colours

Whether lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see an array of fashion’s prettiest shades this year. Mix ‘n’ match ultra-pastels being adopted everywhere from New York to London with spring wardrobe bursting with pale hues from yellow to purple, green to pink.


Easy Breezy Summer Dresses
Summer wouldn’t be summer without a sea of  pretty floral dresses. The breezy summer dress was a key part of the spring 2018 runway trends.


Big Shoulders, Ruffles and Sleeves
It’s all about the size, shape and silhouette of shoulders. Big is BIG this season. Think giant jackets, statement sleeves and big shoulders. Call it a backlash to this year’s omnipresent off-the-shoulder looks, this season is about continuing the big1980s trend.



Just when you thoughts plaids and tartans were only for the colder months, Plaids had a major moment on the Spring/Summer runaway. These power-print pieces will be the groundbreaking pattern for summer. Indian designers like Payal Pratap, Pero and Munkee See and Munkee Do gave it a fun and colourful interpretation for spring.


Denim on Denim
Will denim ever not be a trend?
The trend doesn’t seem to fade but only evolve into more interesting silhouettes. Think head to toe denim styled through a retro prism from 70s to 90s. It’s also a lot more tailored this time round.

Feather and sequin
For everyone and anyone who doesn’t like to be like the others, an abundance of feathers, glitter and sequins signaled fashion’s return to OTT and impenitent maximal-ism this season.


Sustainable Fashionable Stylish


We have all been hearing about sustainable fashion. Going Eco-friendly when it comes to your clothes is the need of the hour. Our planet is one and if we cannot wait for someone else to save it. It has to start from each one of us.

Every time I speak about Red Sister Blue to people, they have their doubts about sustainable fashion. Questions like: how to start wearing sustainable clothes. What to buy and how much to spend.

So today, I will be answering all these questions so that it your wardrobe transition to sustainable fashion is easier and stylish.

  1. Invest in classics


If keeping up with all the trends that come and go is something that is not you. Here’s a hint: don’t. Trends, exciting as they may seem, are what keep you shopping and spending money on things you don’t need. Try sticking to the timeless, classic looks that have been a part of closets for the past several decades. This is how you will always be in style. Our khadi white square dress is a beautiful classic choice.


  1. Quality Over Quantity


As cliché and obvious as it sounds, but honestly, when was the last time you thought about the quality of the clothes you wear? Do you want a top that will have balls of lint, impossible to remove, after 1 or 2 washes? I am sure you don’t. Moreover, you deserve something made with love and care, don’t you think? Our khadi collection is made with love of all our artisans.


  1. Comfort Before Everything


I think comfort should be our priority when purchasing clothes. If you are comfortable, you feel good and if you feel good you look good. And let me tell you this, comfortable clothing can be fashionable too. So go all out when choosing the right outfit for your next day out. Our khadi products are so much comfy you won’t have to think twice.


  1. Experiment with Silhouette


If you are the kind of person who doesn’t really like experimenting with designs and colours then try other silhouettes than what you usually wear. Our new khadi collection is all about that.


  1. Sustainable doesn’t have to be Boring!


Yes, this is the most important thing to keep in mind. We have got you covered with our range of khadi tops, trousers, dresses, shirts and shrugs. So you can choose whatever you like without feeling like you have got no options when it comes to going eco friendly. You can choose from various colours like the colour of the season green or you can pick up different textures. This time around we have experimented with dual tone khadi and hand spun khadi denim.


We would love for you to try this out. Let us know in the comments below if this helped you in turning your wardrobe Eco-friendly.







Lakme Fashion Week Summer-Resort 2016 – Decoding Trends


We all know that Lakme Fashion Week is ideal for the fashion cognizant. It does not only feature the best of the talents but has also reached a wider audience due to the celebrities who walk the ramp in style for various designers.
It has been almost two decades since we are awe struck with all that the event has to offer! So this time when the latest fashion trends took stage on the runway of LFW Resort / Summer 16, I made sure to incorporate that in our new summer collection.

We all love the colour white. It makes any outfit look pristine and ethereal. And not to forget that it is perfect for summer. Anita Dongre, Tanieya Khanuja, Manish Malhotra, Pinakin and many others showed off this trend in their new collection.
You can incorporate the same in trend in Khadi with our high-low Khadi dress for a fun day out. You can try out our sleeveless Khadi white shirt for a day at office.
Don’t think I do not like the fluid silhouettes. Oh, I do! But the thing is, it’s even better when your waist is all defined by a belt or a scarf. Well, that’s what happened on the runway where many designers like Urvashi Joneja, Verb, Rimi Nayak showed us the style of waist clinching. Don’t worry; we have got you covered here too! If you love this trend (like me) then opt for our button down Khadi shirt dress in peach which is perfect for a Sunday brunch. You can also pick up our turquoise wrap Khadi dress to give your look a little fun and fresh vibe.
I love stripes and so do top-notch designers! Amit Agarwal, Payal Khandewal, Shivan and Naresh were the ones who showed us all the different ways we can incorporate stripes into our wardrobe this season. We have taken inspiration from the trend and brought to you our red Khadi pencil pant with matching crop top. If you want to go with something more subtle and simple then opt for our turquoise shirt dress.
Yes, you read that right! Sleeves of your outfit are getting a makeover. We noticed this trend in the collections of Neeta Lulla, Anita Dongre, Masaba and many others. How to incorporate this trend in Khadi, you ask? The answer to this question is our raglan Khadi dress and long panelled Khadi dress. Both of them have unique stye sleeves that are sure to make all heads turn!
We at RSB are a little too obsessed with colour-blocking. So we were more than happy to see this trend rock the runway! So this trend is back and how! Wendell Rodricks, Amit Agrawal, Kasha and many others showed their take on this trend.
There are many celebrities who have been spotted wearing this trend then and now. Our incorporation of the trend: layer cake Khadi dress for a casual and fun outing and our Khadi colour block pink shirt.
So try out these must have trends for the season and let us know which one did you like the most.

From Simple to Souped-Up!


Spring is here and so are we with our new styles and designs for your wardrobe in khadi. For spring / summer 2016, you can count on a simple yet striking wardrobe which takes a step up in the world of modern khadi. Look ahead to a fresh set of silhouettes, to plenty of luxurious khadi and a palette of pastel colours that’s trendy.

This summer, pastel shades of pink, blue and yellow dominate your wardrobe! Be it powder blue or peach, it is sure going to add freshness to your new look!
For instance, our button down peach khadi shirt dress is simple, comfortable, relaxed yet stylish! Our turquoise stripped khadi top is a perfect pick if you want to follow this trend and still look unique!


Striking, bright and stylish! Imagining it all? Now that’s what we are talking about. Various kinds of pleats have made it to the runway shows this season and that is why we at RSB have put out a few designs which you would love! Our boxy khadi dress in yellow is everything trendy and formal. The high-low khadi dress has knife pleats, is easy-breezy, smart and stylish. Opt for this dress on a Sunday brunch or may be for a day out on a shopping spree with your girlies!


Power dressing is the new feminine bold! But this doesn’t mean one can only thing about coats, blazers and suits. It is about the characteristics and silhouettes taken from the men’s dressing and then evolved to be used in a women’s outfit! Our shirts will give you the edgy chic look you always dreamed about!
Our limited edition check khadi shirt is the one you should go for, if you love this style of fashion! This tye and dye details on the collar and pockets makes it even more chic and modish! If you want to go for a minimalistic look then check out our long khadi shirts in four trending spring colors.


You can name any designers show this season and we can say that we saw at least one maxi style on the runway! Yes, this season the maxi dress style made it to the runway. We took some inspiration and came up with our own style of maxi dresses! For an uber chic look opt for our checkered maxi dress available in both blue and purple. You can also go for the other version of this style which is the long panelled khadi dress. They both are perfect for just about any occasion with just a little bit of styling!


Summer and shorts come hand in hand. We have a collection of shorts in pastel shades and scalloped hemline. You could also get your hands on our overlap khadi shorts if you want to try out a different and unique look.


This is the season when we all look for comfort in our clothing: relaxed fit and soothing colours are on our mind when shopping for summer. Our dhoti style pants are the answers to your tight-fitting bottoms. Go for a solid colour version or play a little printed khadi dhoti pants.
So go ahead, get your wardrobe ready for the spring/summer of 2016 by shopping online at!